The Bush’s are Republicans

The Kennedy’s are die-hard Democrats;

Over fifteen of them have served the American nation and it was under the democratic party.

The Reagan’s are Republicans;

The Clinton’s are Democrats.

The Trump’s have been Republican all along.

The Biden’s are democrats (as President Joe Biden has been a Democrat since 1973 when he went in into the senate.)

Integrity is seen down family lines. some set of belief & values can become transgenerational in legacy that people can’t alter, seasons can’t change, and hard times can’t imprison.

I have read about families who have run their business brand for more than three generations & they are known with some set of values & ideologies.

Integrity is integrating your words with your action. this means what you say & what you do over a long period of time meets to be same, when cross checked over & over again.

Integrity is consistency with a certain belief & conviction, through hard times.

I have studied the American politics from a distance and read beyond few of their leader’s autobiography and observed one reason why they excel in leadership.

Consistency with a certain belief & conviction, through hard times

Only few Nigerian politicians have stayed with one party for twenty years. why?

We don’t join politics with any template for service or leadership conviction. their eyes is on our leadership purse & bowl.

Over there people don’t just join any party that is available in sight, they join the party that can align with their convictions, respect their ideological belief for national growth & accommodate the dream they have for their nation.

Someday we pray we get it right here in the black nations!

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