Leadership Begins with Vision


People go into leadership for so many odd reasons. some are going into leadership because of the pride of position. others in some climes are going into leadership because of their selfish desire to accumulate wealth. while some others are looking for a platform where they can lord it over others.

Going into leadership because of any of the above reasons, will always create a people problem for society. going into leadership without a vision will also create a destination-problem for people. blind leaders will either lead people to a ditch or a dead end. any leadership that is without vision will always have difficulty in providing direction.

Matthew 15:14 says leave them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. and if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch. it is the vision of the leader that gives direction to the followers.

Therefore, it is wisdom for leaders to have vision before going into leadership & it is wisdom for men to find vision in place before submitting under leadership.

Find a leader who is anointed for a purpose suitable enough to help you reach your own dream.

A life without  definition has no destination.

Aside motion, nothing else that catches the attention of a fool. however, it is vision that catches the attention of the wise. fools follow anyone as long as he is moving; even though he may be moving in the wrong direction. a blind leader may be moving, but he is going nowhere.

Don’t just follow a man on motion. because not all motion leads somewhere. some are just activities in futility.

What catches the attention of a fool is nothing but motion, but the wise follows a man that is moving on purpose.

To lead well & when following, be very sure vision is in place. Be sensitive.

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