Equip Academy

We offer all these courses below @Equip Academy & Leadership Centre; with sound, well equipped professionals and highly experienced workforce of lecturers.

We award leadership certificates after one month, three month and six month training according to each individual’s choice of knowledge module.

  1. Workplace Ethics & Standard.
  2. Leadership Efficiency and Excellence
  3. Organisational Structures, Growth and Cohesion
  4. Managers, Leaders and Administration
  5. Staff Loyalty, Competence & Character
  6. The place of Goals, Values and Vision
  7. Achievements, Legacies & Fulfilment
  8. Leadership Influence or Leadership Impact
  9. Brand Awareness and Identity
  10. Office Relational Skills & Management
  11. Servanthood in Leadership
  12. Leadership Weights& Pressures… (Balancing Workplace Pressure with your Immediate Family’s Demand)
  13. Resources Management in Leadership
  14. The place of wisdom in Leadership
  15. The place of Vision in Leadership
  16. Profits, Productivity and Performance
  17. Market Economics and Survey
  18. Staff Welfare and Hospitality
  19. Customer Relations and Audience Appraisal
  20. Mentorship and Training in leadership
  21. (21) Success Tools, Dynamics and Strategies
  22. Change Management
  23. Initiatives, Strategies and Ideas in a Working System
  24. Building Effective Systems and Capable Manpower
  25. Staff Loyalty, Integrity, Competence and Character
  26. Growth and Capacity Building for Improved Performance
  27. Gifts, Talents and Skills
  28. Delivery Approach and Professionalism in Service Rendering
  29. Human Capital Management & Human Resource Consultancy
  30. Policies and Programmes

PROJECT EQUIP operates as a Consulting Firm, Leadership Institute and Non-Governmental Association that promotes equity in governance, raising transformational leaders alongside effecting generational changes that has a multiplier effect on grassroots and national development.