ONDO State Government Executive Training 2023

Our Leadership Organization & Consulting Firm @ PROJECT EQUIP rounded up a four-day executive training session for the ONDO STATE GOVERNMENT.

It was a four day leadership training workshop for One hundred Senior Accountants serving as Directors in different MDA’s, ministries and Parastatals within the State’s Civil service.

The Theme of the Training was : Enhancing productivity/Scalable performance and Service Delivery in the Ondo State Public Service.

Our Team was outstandingly excellent and our host so hospitable, receptive and accommodative with learning mad easy for all participants.

You can visit the photo gallery for more pictures.

Project Equip Fulfills Corporate Social Responsibility

EQUIP GRASSROOTS an arm of PROJECT EQUIP whose focus is to empower the African child by providing quality education support to those in the grassroots and rural areas amongst others, recently embarked on an outreach.

We visited a primary school in a village called Kungbani, where majority of the pupils were seen walking to school without school sandals, writing materials and school bags.

We distributed school bags and school sandals to over fifty students of this community primary school as part of our humanitarian kindness and community service responsibilities towards a better society at large. This was also part of our organization’s benevolent support in celebration of the fortieth birthday of our President : Harry E. Oni.

PROJECT EQUIP is on a mission to see that every out of school children have access to the four walls of the classroom.

Our mandate is to give hope to every poor African child whose desire is to have quality education. For enquiries and detailed information about these arm of PROJECT EQUIP, visit our GRASSROOTS EDUCATION SUPPORT TABLE (GEST), please call Michael on 08161889794 or Ruth on 08149493000



Leadership has much to do with the heart than any other thing. the heart is the deciding factor of whatsoever result leadership produces. leadership is about the heart. even if a man goes to Harvard University to study the art of leadership, if he doesn’t have the heart, his acts in leadership will always be bad. many of the leadership under performance we are seeing all around in our days, are caused by those who went into leadership without having the heart to carry the burdens attached to position. 

Leadership schools are very good but they can’t ever produce the impact of leadership hearts. what men like Mandela, Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King had was leadership hearts. in Africa today, we need more of leaders who have the heart above anything else.

It is possible for someone to go to ivy league schools to learn the art & still end up looting our money just because he doesn’t possess the heart. The revolution Africa is in need of, will begin with the emergence of leaders who have hearts to accommodate people, shelter our burdens and prioritize our needs far above their own personal desires.

We Need Leaders

Who Have

An Accommodating Heart

a Selfless Heart

a Giving Heart

a Forgiving Heart


Beyond the art, we need leaders with the heart.

The problem of the heart is the heart of the problem in leadership.

Meeting Needs Purposefully

Vision isn’t a call to meet every need in sight. it is a call to meet a specific need. it is possible for someone to be meeting needs and yet not be fulfilling vision. you haven’t been called to meet every need in sight because you aren’t the saviour of the world. you haven’t been sent to everyone and you have not been called to solve every problem.

There are so many needs all over the place daily calling for our attention. but you haven’t been sent to meet just any need in sight.

Many people have died before their time while trying to solve everyone’s problem and whatsoever need they see in sight. purpose will help you define your boundaries and preserve your energy. one wise man said “I don’t know all the secrets to success, but am very sure one key to failure is trying to please everyone”.

Countless folks are meeting needs today but aren’t fulfilling vision. don’t leave a vacuum behind in your life while going around putting smile on other’s face & carrying several other people’s burden.

It is wisdom to find out first if the cause you are fighting for is divine. so that at the end, it wouldn’t have been the earth that only benefited from your generosity, without any eternal reward in sight.

Beloved, vision goes beyond meeting needs and touching lives, it is first fulfilling divine plan. run the race that is in god’s calendar for your life and purposefully meet needs that is in alignment with what you have been wired for. that’s the pathway to fulfillment in the context of life and eternity.

Leadership Begins with Vision


People go into leadership for so many odd reasons. some are going into leadership because of the pride of position. others in some climes are going into leadership because of their selfish desire to accumulate wealth. while some others are looking for a platform where they can lord it over others.

Going into leadership because of any of the above reasons, will always create a people problem for society. going into leadership without a vision will also create a destination-problem for people. blind leaders will either lead people to a ditch or a dead end. any leadership that is without vision will always have difficulty in providing direction.

Matthew 15:14 says leave them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. and if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch. it is the vision of the leader that gives direction to the followers.

Therefore, it is wisdom for leaders to have vision before going into leadership & it is wisdom for men to find vision in place before submitting under leadership.

Find a leader who is anointed for a purpose suitable enough to help you reach your own dream.

A life without  definition has no destination.

Aside motion, nothing else that catches the attention of a fool. however, it is vision that catches the attention of the wise. fools follow anyone as long as he is moving; even though he may be moving in the wrong direction. a blind leader may be moving, but he is going nowhere.

Don’t just follow a man on motion. because not all motion leads somewhere. some are just activities in futility.

What catches the attention of a fool is nothing but motion, but the wise follows a man that is moving on purpose.

To lead well & when following, be very sure vision is in place. Be sensitive.

The Place of Integrity in National Transformation and Political Leadership

The Bush’s are Republicans

The Kennedy’s are die-hard Democrats;

Over fifteen of them have served the American nation and it was under the democratic party.

The Reagan’s are Republicans;

The Clinton’s are Democrats.

The Trump’s have been Republican all along.

The Biden’s are democrats (as President Joe Biden has been a Democrat since 1973 when he went in into the senate.)

Integrity is seen down family lines. some set of belief & values can become transgenerational in legacy that people can’t alter, seasons can’t change, and hard times can’t imprison.

I have read about families who have run their business brand for more than three generations & they are known with some set of values & ideologies.

Integrity is integrating your words with your action. this means what you say & what you do over a long period of time meets to be same, when cross checked over & over again.

Integrity is consistency with a certain belief & conviction, through hard times.

I have studied the American politics from a distance and read beyond few of their leader’s autobiography and observed one reason why they excel in leadership.

Consistency with a certain belief & conviction, through hard times

Only few Nigerian politicians have stayed with one party for twenty years. why?

We don’t join politics with any template for service or leadership conviction. their eyes is on our leadership purse & bowl.

Over there people don’t just join any party that is available in sight, they join the party that can align with their convictions, respect their ideological belief for national growth & accommodate the dream they have for their nation.

Someday we pray we get it right here in the black nations!

PROJECT EQUIP operates as a Consulting Firm, Leadership Institute and Non-Governmental Association that promotes equity in governance, raising transformational leaders alongside effecting generational changes that has a multiplier effect on grassroots and national development.